Several years ago in an Ayurvedic retreat in Pune, India at the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute & Research Center they denied the use of shampoo. During the panchakarma therapy they would rub you full of oils and medicinal ghee to purify the body to get rid of toxins. We were instructed from day 1 that shampoo was prohibited. This was the first time I got confronted with the fact that shampoo could disturb the bodies cleaning process. When I came back from India a few months later a friend spoke to me about ‘No Poo’ (no shampoo) and how great this was for her hair. At the same time the book ‘WomanCode: perfect your cycle, increase your fertility, boost your sex drive and become a source of power by Alisa Vitti crossed my path. She devotes an entire chapter on how substances are established in cosmetics and shampoo. These toxic substances also turned out to be present in almost every shampoo! I immediately tossed all toxic products and ordered herbs from India and started my experiment. From the first try out I had an EUREKA moment. How is this possible? Herbs for hair work better than any shampoo.


We have literally been brainwashed by an industry. Shampoo is a fairly recent invention and was suggested to be used once every six weeks in the beginning. Ayurvedic herbs have been used for at least 5000 years, and have amazing healing capacities, for health & hair!

Rapidly shampoo conquered the world and we all ended up using it worldwide. Shampoo is bad for our health and environment. It disrupts the hormonal balance, causes hair loss, and forces you in a vicious circle where you have to wash your hair more and more.

We got addicted to the foam, and the feeling that this makes us feel fresh & clean. Shampoo is such a strong cleanser that it takes away too much. In response to this your scalp will produce even more oil, or on the opposite; dry out. All types of hair problems will follow at one point in time.

 I headed to India again, and this time with a big mission. Just before departure I created an ‘als je haar maar goed zit’ (Meaning as long as your hair s allright) Instagram page and after one month the first batch was sold out. On top of that I started to receive incredible response and personal messages. A very good friend of mine suffered from hair loss and after a month using only ayurvedic herbs instead of shampoo she got rid of it! From then on I wanted to give other people the same Eureka feeling I once had myself.


At the start of 2021 I travelled through India during corona times looking for the right herbs. It soon turned out not to be that simple.. During this year I learned so much and came to the conclusion by testing all ayurvedic herbs myself that there is a huge difference in quality and function. For months I searched and kept trying out herbs to achieve the perfect ratio.


Along the way I decided to make the perfect handmade packaging for the no poo herbs.

After a long hard search throughout the country the stars finally aligned and I found the right people who run a handmade paper factory. Each pouch of Als je haar maar goed zit is made from handmade recycled cotton paper, which is screen printed by hand once dry.


ALS JE HAAR MAAR GOED ZIT came to life in a very organic way and has taken over my life ever since. Friends and people who started using the herbs for hair instead of shampoo who wanted to share their own eureka moment with others made it very clear to me that it is a moment of change. There is a need for healthy and ecological products to replace shampoo, and this is the purest natural authentic option. Back to basics with herbs, a natural alternative that will bring your hair back to its natural state.