Use Ayurvedic hair herbs - if your hair suits you

How to use ayurvedic herbs for hair?

If it is not yet completely clear how to use Ayurvedic herbs to wash your hair, this post might be useful.

It can be a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy! Everything takes some getting used to, and this switch from shampoo to natural herbs for washing your hair is no different.

What I really like is that you are almost obliged to take a moment of rest, 'Me Time'. That's how the women in India used to do it, together in the river with a whole washing ritual. Now we just do it in our own bathroom :)

1. take a bowl, a tablespoon and the sachet If your hair is good

2. Scoop 2 to 5 tablespoons into the bowl. The amount depends on the length and thickness of your hair. If you have short/thin hair, you need much less. Feel for yourself whether you need more or less. After using it a few times you really know what you need.


-does your hair need more hydration or is your hair broken? Try one of these tips:

-> add a teaspoon of Provitamin B5, honey and/or hydrolyzed protein (wheat, rice or silk protein, for sale online at www ) to the mask.

-> add 3 to 4 drops of good oil. Take a nourishing oil that is suitable for hair such as ayurvedic hair oil, jojoba oil, hibiscus oil,..)

-> Mix the herbs with cooled tea or rose water instead of regular water until you get a smooth paste. Tea provides more hydration to your hair than plain water. Some types of tea are extra good for your hair, such as Hibiscus, rosemary, nettle, chamomile, horsetail tea.

3. Mix the herbs well into a smooth paste that is not too runny. First add a tiny bit of water and gradually add more as needed.

4. It is intended that you can easily spread the herbal paste in your hair, and that it does not drip off your face (prick the eyes, try to avoid this)

Apply the ayurvedic herbal 'shampoo' to wet/damp hair.

5. Leave on damp to wet hair for 5-30 minutes, the longer the better for hair and scalp. I myself just stay in the bathtub for a long time, but that is completely up to you :) You can also apply the mask in the shower or in bath or even outside in the summer! Put your hair in a bun or put on a bath cap or wrap a towel around it that can get dirty and let it soak in.

TIP: do you have little time or just don't feel like waiting?

-> Put a few spoons of the Ayurvedic herbs in a vase. Hold the vase with the herbs under the shower head (with enough pressure on it). You will see that foam naturally forms on it! This is due to Reetha aka soapnuts that is in the mixture which contains saponins (natural soap substances). The 'original mix' contains more reetha, so more foam.

Pour this mixture over your hair and rub it in. Always leave some herbal water in the vase and fill the vase again with water, you will see that you can top up several times and that extra foam still appears. Rinse your hair until it runs out. Then rinse well with water.

-> another option: put a few spoons in a blender. Pour in lukewarm / warm water (2 to 3 glasses). Turn the blender on for a while. You get natural foam with herbal water. Rinse your hair with this, rub it in well and rinse well.

Your hair is certainly clean and you can leave the door happy! The difference is that your hair will become greasy again faster, and the herbs are less able to exert their good effect on your hair & scalp. Yet it is an ideal solution for in between!

6. Rinse it thoroughly! Let your hair air dry. Try to avoid using a hairdryer. This is really not good for your hair.

TIP: use organic apple cider vinegar mixed with water as a natural conditioner. It is not necessary in itself if you use Ayurvedic herbs, but for those who do want something extra, you definitely want to try this. Apple cider vinegar closes the hair cuticles again, so it has the same function as a conditioner.

TIP: For extra hydration after it, you can make homemade linseed gel or aloe vera gel (check youtube of next blog post) and apply this to your wet hair. You can just leave this in. This is the very best way to bring extra moisture into your hair. Especially for curls it is Genius because it defines the curls extra. The jar of gel keeps well in the fridge for at least 2 weeks. Your hair can get a little 'crispy' when dry, don't worry, rub it out gently.

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