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The story behind alsjehaarmaargoedzit

A few years ago in an Ayurvedic retreat in Pune, India in it Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute & Research Center shampoo was denied to us. During the Panchakarma Therapy you were smeared with oil and medicinal ghee to purify the body. From day 1 we received the instruction that Shampoo was forbidden. This was the first time that I learned that Shampoo disrupts the natural detox cleaning process.

No Poo Shampoo

When I returned from India after a few months, a friend spoke to me about "no Poo ’and how great this was for her hair.  At the same time, the book "Womancode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, And Become A Power Source by Alisa Vitti came on my path, in which she devotes a whole chapter to how harmful certain substances are in cosmetics & shampoo. These substances were also simply in almost every shampoo. Immediately I ordered a lot of Ayurvedic herbs from India and started my experiment. From 1e Try Out I had a Eureka moment. How is this possible? 

Ayurvedic herbs are good for your hair

We are literally brainwashed by an industry. Shampoo is a fairly recent invention and in the beginning it was recommended to use it every 6 weeks. And this while the Ayurvedic herbs have been used for at least 3000 years and have an incredible effect. Shampoo quickly conquered the world, and we ended up in a vicious circle worldwide that is bad for our health, our hair and the environment. It disrupts the hormonal balance, causes hair loss, early aging and you end up in a process where you always have to wash your hair more and more. We became addicted to the foam, and the feeling that we need this to be Fresh & clean. Shampoo is such a strong cleaner that it takes away too much of the good stuff. Your scalp will produce even more oil as a counter -reaction, or just dry out. With all kinds of hair problems as a result.

A while later I left to India again, and this time with a big mission. Just before departure, I made an "als je haar maar goed zit aka as long as your hair is allright" Instagram page and after a month the first load was sold out. In addition, I received incredible reactions and personal messages. A very good friend of mine suffered from hair loss and after a month it had stopped. From then on I wanted to be able to give people the same Eureka feeling that I once had.

Ayurvedic hair herbs tested myself

At the beginning of 2021 I traveled through India during Corona in search of the right herbs and producers. And that soon turned out not to be that simple. During this year I have learned so much. I also came to the constitation by testing all Ayurvedic herbs myself that there is indeed a difference in quality. For months I searched and I kept trying herbs to achieve the perfect balance. Along the way I decided to also make a suitable package for the Ayurvedic "No Poo" herbs. After a long search I found the right people with a handmade paper factory. Each packaging is made of handmade recycled cotton paper, on which the logo is screen printed by hand.

Eco Hair Product to replace shampoo

ALSJEHAARMAARGOEDZIT was created in a very organic way. Because of the enthusiasm of friends and people who started using the herbs for their hair instead of shampoo. They wanted to share their own Eureka moment with others and this made it very clear to me that it is a moment of change. There is a need for ecological products to replace shampoo, and this is the most pure, natural option. Back to basics with herbs, a natural alternative that brings your hair back to its original state.

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