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pakket ayurvedische kruiden voor haar
pakket ayurvedische kruiden voor haar

All 5 Mixes Pack

Do you not yet know which Ayurvedic No Poo spice mix will be your favorite?

Then try all variants yourself first! 

Herbs for your hair are not an exact science and sometimes it may be that someone is better with one mix than with the other, against the normal herb functions. 

Every ingredient; Season, nut, carrot or leaf has its own medicinal advantage for your hair and scalp.


This Combo Pack contains bags of

-100 gr of every mix:


-250 g of each mix (dry shampoo only available in 100 gr)


The Original 

The Rose Mix


Hibiscus Mix

Dry shampoo



All info about the individual Ayurvedic spice mixes can be found on the product page of each product


*All products incl. 21% VAT

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