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ayurvedische kruiden voor haar

Ayurvedic Hair Mix / The Original

Natural Hair Care / No Poo


Have you ever wondered why we started using shampoo? Somewhere along the way we became addicted to all that foam, while in reality the detergents in shampoo destroy our hair. Shampoo can cause hormonal imbalances, early aging and even hair loss. Our hair represents elegance and beauty. We have forgotten that it has a natural balance that we must protect. This mix of ancient herbs has been used in the Ayurveda for centuries and will restore this balance.

Natural alternative to shampoo against fat hair

The Original Mix is a powerful natural cleaner and Your hair will be greasy less quickly. This mix also gives more volume to fine hair. Ideal to postpone washing a little longer! 



Reetha, also called wax nut, is a natural cleaner and can also be used for the skin and even for washing clothes.

Bhringraj, literally translated as the king of the hair.

Amla Or Indian crossbes is a vitamin C bomb, has a cleansing capacity and makes your hair soft and smooth.

Brahmi Strengthens your hair and promotes hair growth.


Do not use the well with shampoo. Your hair goes on a well -deserved detox holiday. After 2 weeks you see the result. You will notice an increase in volume and change in the hair structure.

Mix the powder with lukewarm to warm water or rose water until you have a smooth pasta and apply to wet hair.
2/3 spoons - Short Hair
3/4 spoons - Medium length hair
or 4/5 spoons - long hair

Leave in for 5 to 30 minutes (the longer the better for your hair and scalp) and rinse thoroughly.
Use 2 to 3 times a week, gradually you can phase out to 1 x a week.

Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse well with water when contact.

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Customer Reviews

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Super for fluffy hair

Really the best "shampoo" for my hair and scalp. I have been camping with Roos for years, all natural shampoos tried but nothing helped. In addition, I also have a long, thick and curly hair, which normally plimes best. But this shampoo gives me super beautiful, soft and shiny curls. The only drawback is that washing your washing takes a little longer since you have to make a kind of mask and have this withdrawn. I also don't always get it easily rinsed, there are mini "pieces" in my hair. Which I only get away after a lot of brushing. But the result exceeds 100% worth the effort.

Emma Baetens

I am super satisfied with the Ayurvedic hair mix! I was already trying to stop shampoo. By rinsing it every day with water. But there was always a fat layer on my hair. Now that I use the herbal mix, my hair is completely beautiful! My scalp is well cleaned and I also have a lot of volume in my hair. Highly recommended!! Now I was my hair but every 4-5 days.

Annelies Vaes
Top product

My hair has really improved a lot, much fuller and thicker feeling


I have a lot of wavy hair that is rather dry and stiff. First I was afraid that my hair would be cardboard with this product because normally I have to do kilos of mask on my hair to get through. But now I only use this bag once a week and afterwards I rinse again with a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a lot of water.
My hair has mega -lot volume and, as the name says, very good and it grows like cabbage.

So satisfied with these herbs !!! Never stop making because then I will cry. I have already recommended them to different people.

And I personally think the orginal mix is ​​best for my hair type (lots of fine wavy dry hair).

An Absolut Must!

I have QUITE A LOT OF EXPERIENCE WITH NATURAL WAYS OF WASHING MY (More than shoulder-length) Hair Having Used Vinegar, Various Oils, and Mostly Natural Shampoos For The Last 3 Years Or So, but this Halbat Mix Mix! I've leg using it for about a month, and I can honestly say with no exaggeration that my hair has never leg more, soft, and voluminous! I'm now down to washing my hair about every 6-8 days Depending on the child or week I had. This is the no-poo revolution we have leg waiting for!

Customer Reviews

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