Herbal Spray Neroli / als je haar maar goed zit

neroli spray voor haar
hydraterende spray voor haar

Herbal Spray Neroli


Herbal Spray Neroli


Has super moisturizing properties for hair & skin!

To be used as a spray through the day on your hair and face.

Prepared by the steam distillation of Neroli's essential oil enriched with the wonderful scent of flowers of neroli, bitter orange trees, the neroli flower water is known for its typical aroma that almost resembles that of orange blossom water, but has a much more powerful and stimulating effect on your mind.

It is a light orange spray with a spicy hint of blossom. The plant material that is used in the distillation of essential oil gives the hydro spot the water -soluble and therapeutic properties of the plant.

Neroli Spray is considered one of the best distilled hydrolates for hair care. It strengthens the roots, stimulates hair growth and prevents thinning hair. The effectiveness increases when it is mixed in natural oil and applied to the hair.

  Neroli is a powerhouse when it comes to antioxidants and is used to to treat various skin problems and disorders. The amazing scent has a soothing effect on our mind and gives a boosting refreshing mood.

Neroli Hydosol is rich in vitamin Cthat is known for its collagen-stimulating and cell-innovative properties. It helps with it Regenerating damaged skin, including sunscreen, scars, dead skin cells, etc. 

Also use Neroli as a room spray, because it helps to remove scents. Apart from this, it brings the scent of the room into balance, making your mood feel uplifting, energetic and refreshing.

Neroli Hydosol is still effective in regulating excess sebum. After cleaning and drying your face, do something on cotton wool and pat it on your face. Neroli Hydosol has a deeply cleansing effect on the skin that expires sebum and dirt deep from the pores.




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