Herbal spray Rose Hip

hydraterende spray voor haar rose hip
hydraterende spray voor haar

Herbal spray Rose Hip


Herbal Spray Rose Hip


To be used as a spray through the day on your hair and face.

Rose Hip is known as the delicate fruits of the wild rose bush. When roses die out or wilt and sit on the bush, they leave a bright reddish orange, spherical fruit. These small edible fruits are known by studies as a rich source of medicinal properties.

Rose Hip contains an extremely high content of naturally occurring vitamin C, that is known for being collagen -stimulating and cell -renewing properties. It helps to regenerate damaged skin. It is also a great stand -standing facetonAnd with long -term use it will strengthen and make the skin tighter.

Rose Hip Floral Water is considered one of the best distilled sprays intended for hair & skin care. It adds volume, promotes growth and prevents thinning. The adstringing and moisturizing properties rejuvenate the scalp and strengthen the roots.

Natural Rose Hip Flower Water has been studied by researchers and it is known that the essential vitamins such as vitamin C and Vitamin A contains. It has also been shown that it contains essential fatty acids such as oil acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. Rose Hip Herbal Spray is an excellent source of vitamin F, a fatty acid made of linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid.

Rose Hip is effective at it Regulation of surplus sebace. After you have cleaned and dried your face, do something on cotton pads and pat it on your face or spray directly on your face. It also helps to cool the skin pores by cooling the skin. Great hydration and cooling properties of this flower water also help with it Fighting skin rash.

Rose Hip Herbal Spray has a blissful soft scent and has excellent moisturizing properties for both hair & skin!


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