Self Care Bowl

ceramic set bowl
ceramic bowl
ceramic bowl
ceramic set bowl
ceramic kam brush
ceramic massage comb

Self Care Bowl

Ceramic self-care bowl

Handmade by Spii.c.ka ceramics

Washing your hair with herbs takes a little more time than we were used to before and really invites you to relax during this moment. This beautiful handmade set fits perfectly.

"Every piece is made by hand throughout a slow and mindful process"

Available as a full set:

- Bowl + spoon + comb

- Bowl + spoon

comb (can also be used for a facial massage with the back of the comb)


SPII.C.KA CERAMICS represent a rebellion against mass production

It's an ode to life and it's imperfections

An ode to surrender yourself through an intuitive search for identity

Inspired by nature and the everyday life

Series of limited handmade ceramic objects in between art and functionality

to be looked at, to be cherished, to be purified, to be enjoyed

*pictures by Spii.c.ka ceramics

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